Gold Malaise

by Music Is The Enemy

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released September 16, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Music Is The Enemy Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: ∀t, ∃x∈U s.t. x:=∅ & ¬t
over and over and over and over and

I met a man who stood so swollen the mountains rose up and came on the sky

I met a girl whose curves held the cocaine to such a climax I gouged out my eyes

I spill my lovers all over the bathroom floor
Stuck together with my insides
I point the finger trace your body and lay my doe eyes down
Its easy to see that the hardest part is going to be to choke you down
Track Name: The Tingles of Phantom Singles On My Thigh
This is the most important thing that I’ll ever say
The first round’s on me
Snakes charm snakes tongue
My body anybody
Shake, shake
tell that girl at the end of the bar
the way the gin clings to her lips
cuckold and figureless
like our fucking is my fucking benevolence

Your daughters got her gun in my mouth
I’m stroking anxiety and sucking the poison out
Not that I blame her and I’ll entertain her
we falsify our identities
to make sure there’s victims to blame
our safe word is our real names

red dress
pink, pink, pink
there’s no rhythm in the burning of bridges
There’s no passion in throwing the fight

She moves those hips like sinking ships
All hands boys, all hands
This whole damn bar is going down
Welcome to the great white superstition
They can taste us dripping from the stage lights
warm blood on the dancefloor
There’s mascara
in the water
We got a frenzy on our hands
We circle the bottom
This bottle return it
Return it to the sea
the fucking sea

I cover her pornography
In the American flag
Like some lazy symbolism
Will get me past half mast

(voice acting of Marya Errin Jones)

I don’t want to wake up again
Pressing for your body
And I’ve failed too many times
To change these bandages alone

I tried to forget, why cant I forget
Track Name: Mistaking Cautionary Tales For Anthems
Damn your eyes
I’m three pills from loathing
But who’s counting
The steps to the fall
She is not a striking resemblance
But close enough can be my last call
Fame and fortune
Will fuck us all
At least the ones that are worth it
Til witnesses and guilty convolve

Tell the pundits
This was all
Orchestrated from inside
Tell the nurse
That I knew it
the whole fucking time

It is us Who found solace
In six strings fast songs and short lives
Maybe it meant something
Or maybe we were born to die

This is a witch hunt
For all of the poets
We’re bleeding out
Every bleeding heart
I’ve lost any sense of compassion
But hopeful words bring the Johns to the thigh
You know its fake but don’t look away
Last call open season
for pick pockets and ballads alike
Give me snake oil give me poison
Give me anything at all

The makers of daggers
Will bury their lovers

And when you see my sunken eyes
Remember how they looked to the sky
Another broken man
Nailed to his bed by a young boys hands

Set fire to an empty heart
What haunts me now is knowing that I’ll never get back
to the place where they’d love to see me fall
When you found me face down in C list shit
Said it meant something back when we were kids
But at some point you were supposed to move on
Track Name: Hardcore's Not Dead, It's Desperately Reuniting
This was before
The wolves crashed the party
We found all our figures
And they hid the triggers
Beneath the lace

Make it count, fuck it
Feed me my lines

Come morning
In a long line
Of comings
They’ll find us

The best damn amature models
That grandure can buy

Its the way we move
When there’s a cameras around
Too much skin smoke and mirrors
To toungue your bored little mouth (to hallow you out)

Can you hear them threading fingers
Tapping signals on the thighs
Bored throwing dead presidents
At the drunken breasts of the night

I’m giving back to this scene
Another cliché punk rock tragedy

Fuck you’re idols kill the scene
Make a bride of your apathy

Wash away 10 years with a bottle of cheap gin and loathing myself fuck the whole thing
Take a moment to reflect on the times when reflections like mine were too drunk to
Fuck the glory days
Til the glory days start singing songs about me
Track Name: World War Nightlife
Smash the headlights cut the breaks
She says my passion is one of my finer traits
Cross the tears dot her eyes
I’m the last true romantic alive
High heel click on each empty chamber
And the orchestra swells to remember
The critique and The pageantry
The arson, the gala, the lip caught between her teeth

Raise your glass
To the start of the war
Empty your pockets
When you see
How naked our lady of acceptable losses could be
Hide your wives
With any luck this will be the last fuck

Steady hold steady

And keep your eyes on the band
They’re always the first overboard
If theres fire in the throne room
Then theres a lion in on the floor

Swing hard swing fast
The king is dead and this dance is our last

Lay siege, till the house lights come up

Grab you’re wepons
Prepare for their charge
God is with us god is with us
He demands that we hang the bodies from the gates
With his love with his love
We’ll tie the knots with his love

How many songs can one man sing
mistaking conviction and vanity
I’m cutting my losses
and throwing myself to the sea
Track Name: Brave Men Hang From Rafters, Cowards Start Punk Bands
I’ve been haunting the bottom of this whiskey bottle
And forcing the footwork slightly out of time
Holding confession beneath the skirt
And bleeding out when bleeding outs been done to death

We cant get back
We burned the bodies and the starlets have all gone long ago
We cant get back
We never hit the high notes screaming what we thought were love songs

Ive been feeding
The revolver
drinks all night long
And I know she’ll take me home

Give me safety
Give me shelter
Fuck it give me something stronger

I’m taking shots on the roof top
The girls falling all at my feet
Counting the stories on fingers
Falling for any warm body I see

Gather. Cowards and sinners for the punk rock swan song
Lead it to your bed, let it be your first
Define yourself in its moments and prop up the idols and wait for the flood
In another time in another place when you see the faces look away

My name
Is a hollow word
And I’m giving it back

Oh mother oh father
Sing a song for the setting sun