World War Nightlife

by Music Is The Enemy

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Smash the headlights cut the breaks
She says my passion is one of my finer traits
Cross the tears dot her eyes
I’m the last true romantic alive
High heel click on each empty chamber
And the orchestra swells to remember
The critique and the pageantry
The arson, the gala, the lip caught between her teeth
Raise your glass
To the start of the war
Empty your pockets
When you see
How naked our lady of acceptable losses could be
Hide your wives
With any luck this will be the last fuck
Steady hold steady
And keep your eyes on the band
They’re always the first overboard
If there’s fire in the throne room
Then there’s a lion in on the floor
(Gang vocals)
Swing hard swing fast
The king is dead and this dance is our last
Lay siege, till the house lights come up
Grab your weapons
Prepare for their charge
God is with us god is with us
He demands that we hang the bodies from the gates
With his love with his love
We’ll tie the knots with his love
How many songs can one man sing
mistaking conviction and vanity
I’m cutting my losses
and throwing myself to the sea


released March 10, 2016
Featuring Gay Hill of Supreme Verdict

Produced and engineered by Rad Cat Studios




Music Is The Enemy Albuquerque, New Mexico

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